Cameo 1 homes is a Luxury Real Estate firm dedicated to understanding the individual needs of our clients; whether residential or commercial. We ensure to create a tailored and unique offer for each client that enlists our services which include;

Selling Of Properties

When selling a property, hiring an experienced real estate agent is critical. It is particularly important for first time sellers. At Cameo one homes we guide you and make sure selling your property is a smooth and beautiful experience.

Buying a Property

Purchasing a property is complicated especially for first-time buyers. Small mistakes can be costly. If you are moving from out of town, you need to hire an agent with local expertise to help you identify the best neighbourhood and property for you. At cameo 1 homes we make sure we guide our clients to find a property that meets their requirements at the best price possible.

Property Development

Not only do we help in buying or selling but at cameo 1 homes we have trained agents that assist clients identify homes that are candidates to tear down and start over with new construction. Agents are deadline-oriented and realistic and can help you establish a timeline for your project.

Property Rentals

If you are looking to rent a property, be it a house, an apartment, a condo or whatnot for either a short period or even a long period Cameo 1 homes is the right place to be. We assist our clients in getting the best deal possible for any rental property.

Property Management

Do you have a property you need to be managed? We’ve got you at Cameo 1 homes, we offer property management services. We have a team that ensures that your property is properly maintained and catered for in your absence.

Lawyer and Solicitor Support

At Cameo 1 homes we also offer legal support. We have a legal team that prepares and reviews legal documents relating to real estate, also they negotiate the terms and conditions of real estate transactions, and facilitate the transfer of titles.

Concierge services

We also provide concierge services at cameo 1 homes. This means that we go the extra mile to provide property buyers with a vetted list of service providers for superior assistance in preparing their homes for move in.

Relocation Services

We provide relocation services here at Cameo 1 homes. We offer our clients the best deals when they want to move or relocate.

Real Estate Training

Cameo 1 homes also offers an intensive certified training class for people interested in becoming luxury real estate agents. This intensive training takes place every month and after the training the trainees are awarded a certificate and a one-day mentorship session with Mr Gus Cameo.

Real Estate Meetup

On the last Friday of every month Cameo 1 homes has its real estate meetup which always features high-end companies in the real estate industry. The purpose of this monthly real estate meetup is to bring people and companies in the real estate community together to network and build a good business relationship.

A Tour with Gus

A Tour with Gus is an initiative geared at showing the beauty of Ghana to the world. Cameo 1 homes is dedicated to helping people experience the beauty of living in Ghana. We help people living in the diaspora who are coming to Ghana for the first time have a feel of what living in Ghana is. We show you the nightlife, the amazing tourist attractions, the beautiful sceneries and many more. All this at an affordable rate with the one and only Gus Cameo.


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